Together Again

Last night at 8:14 pm I was reunited with Matt. (Not that I was anxiously watching the time or anything!) His flight was scheduled to arrive at 8:00, but was a little bit late. Mom kept the boys while I went to the airport. I was so excited to see him walking down those steps. I think I may have injured his neck when I hugged him!

On the way home from the airport, we stopped and picked up a bottle of champagne. Once home (the kids were both asleep already), we laid out a blanket and had a candlelit picnic on the floor of the living room... cheese, summer sausage, crackers, strawberries, grapes, etc. It was wonderful to be able to reconnect and just enjoy being together again. I knew our time alone wouldn't last long!

Sure enough, Tristan woke up at 3:30 am, and climbed into bed beside me. "Is Dad home?" he asked me. Then, he looked past me & spotted Matt. At that point, he was wide awake! I told him that Daddy was very sleepy, and we would need to let him sleep at least a little bit longer. But not Tristan. There was no way he could go back to sleep, so I set him up in the living room with his own little picnic... raisins, graham crackers & juice. I turned on the Cars movie for him, and went back to bed.

Finally, at 6:30, I told Tristan we could wake Daddy up. I shook Daddy gently, and told him that his big boy had been waiting to see him for 3 hours. Matt sat up, and Tristan told him excitedly, "Dad, you're home! Guess what? I'm big and strong like you, and I'm brave like you, and I have short hair like you, and I'm funny like you, and......... You're home!!!"

So far, Logan isn't clinging to Daddy, like Tristan is. He's just smiling at him a lot. He definitely knows that it's Daddy, and he knows that he likes Daddy, but he seems kinda confused. Like, why is Daddy here and not on the computer screen. I predict that by tonight, Daddy will have two boys all over him. I'm really glad that we got some alone time first!

So, he's here for 2 weeks. What are our plans? Well, Mama B (Matt's mom) is driving up on Thursday, and one of his best friends, Pierce, is flying in for the weekend. Then there are all of our local friends & family. So we'll be spending lots of time hanging out with the people we love the most, and just enjoying having our family back together again, if only for a couple of weeks.

For everyone who helped me get ready for his visit, for everyone who prayed for his safe arrival, and for everyone who put up with me talking nonstop about my husband for the past 2 weeks, thank you! We love & appreciate you all!


Jennifer said...

Aww, that's so sweet! That brought tears to my eyes, and that doesn't happen very often. :)

Stuart Fam said...

YEAH! Welcome home, Matt! See you tonight! :)

The Bear and The Bug said...

So happy for you! I know you'll enjoy every second.

Soldier in Training said...

Welcome Home. This post is so precious, it just made me cry. I love how he spouted off all the things that were like Daddy and then just said, Daddy your home!!! Enjoy your time together. Every Single second! I'm so thankful he is home for a little bit!

Leigh Ann said...

Jana, I came over from Micaela. I just want to thank you and your family for your sacrifice. My husband was in Iraq for 15 months and I know exactly what you are going through. My husband came home for two weeks for the birth of our daughter (she came early though and he missed it), but we were so happy to have him home. I pray the next two weeks go by slowly and you are able to soak in every minute. I will keep you all in my prayers and if you ever need ANYTHING let me know. I know you don't know me, but I just feel like spouses that go through this type of thing are sisters of the heart no matter what. Hugs to you.