FUN IN THE SUN & Other News

Yesterday was a beautiful day here in Texas, so I let the boys play in the sprinkler & eat watermelon in the back yard. They had so much fun. Logan actually made it a full hour before stripping off his swim diaper and going au natural. :)

In other news, Logan has an appointment for a speech evaluation tomorrow at 11 am. When we first moved here, there was a 4-month wait at Integrity Rehab. Well, we got lucky. They had a cancellation, so he's getting in tomorrow. Looking forward to resuming his speech therapy. He's talking much more than he used to, but it's still hard to understand him. Hoping this will help!


You're Invited!!!

Tomorrow is my 36th birthday. To celebrate, I'm hosting a Premier Jewelry party, which will double as my birthday party! All of my girlfriends are invited. There will be a huge cake, which I decorated myself with the help of my good friend Susan Woole. There will also be a cooler filled with Smirnoff Ice, for anyone who wants one. The party will start at 3 pm, at Leanna Floyd's house. Her address is 28 Rebecca Ln, in Conway. Call me if you have any questions. Hope to see you all there!


Speech Evaluation

Logan still isn't speaking very much at all, so he went in for a speech evaluation this morning. His comprehension level tested as about a 1 1/2 year old. His verbal skills are at about a 1 year 4 month level. They've recommended three 45-minute sessions per week. We'll start in about 2-3 weeks, once the paperwork is processed.


Comin' Through

Tonight, on the way home from community group, Tristan rolled down his window and started yelling at the cars driving past us... "Hey everybody! Hey all you cars! Stop! My mom's comin' through!" He yelled it over and over again, at every single car that passed. I was absolutely cracking up. Thank you God for the gift of laughter!


(My) Lesson for Today

In the car today, Tristan announced to me,

"Mom, I want EVERYTHING I don't have. And I don't have LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of things."

I told him that #1, we can't always have everything we want, and #2, God wants us to be thankful for what He has already given us.

BIG GULP... Maybe this was a good lesson for Tristan's mommy, too!

Thank you, God, for teaching me through my children. :-)

Meet George

I'd like to introduce you to George... our "new" dog. George is a Corgi, and my parents got George when he was just a little puppy. They already had another Corgi named Gracie, so they named this little guy George (as in George & Gracie Burns). His official registered name is Smokin' George Burns II.

Fast forward to this week... my parents are moving, and don't have room for all of their dogs at their new place. We had been wanting to get a dog, and they offered to let us take George. After very little deliberation, we accepted.

George is the most gentle dog you'll ever meet. He just moved in with us yesterday, and the kids are delighted. George loves to follow me around the house, laying at my feet whenever I sit down somewhere. He slept on the floor beside my bed last night.

We are all very excited to finally have a dog. Welcome to the family, George!!!

Watermelon! Yum!!

Logan has always loved watermelon, but this is the first time I just gave him a chunk & let him go to town. He was in heaven! He ate another whole piece after this one!